September 1st to 3rd


The catalog of events being organized

 Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts have turned out to be the best source of interaction and enthusiasm amongst students. Acknowledging the same, a treasure hunt shall be organized as a promotional event prior to our main event.

Date: Saturday, August 22,23
Participation Fee: Rs 50 per person (min 3, max 5)
Prize money: 1500

 Gamer's Asylum

This event in itself independently, was a great success previously incorporating the popularity and development in video gaming throughout the globe. Various competitive gaming events will be organized under this.

Date: September 1, 2
Participation Fee: Rs 200 per team (max 4 , min 3)
Prize money: 1500

Games: Cash prize – Rs 21,000 (divided amongst 3 games)
FIFA 15 – Rs 100 participation fee per person
DOTA 5v5 – Rs 500 participation fee per team
CS GO 5v5 – Rs 500 participation fee per team

 Guest Talk

Technical speakers are to be contacted for delivering talks on computing, machine learning, android programming, advancing environment and technical education for the weekend.

Saturday 1100-1200 HRS
Sunday 1715-1815 HRS

 Competitive Coding

This coding event shall be conducted during the day for students competing in a peculiar stage of coding.

Preliminary Round: 1700-0000 HRS Monday August 28th
Final Round: 1400-1730 HRS Sunday

Participation Fee: Rs 100
Prize money: Upto Rs.1500


People bring in ideas of app’s in an imaginary galaxy, with all the creative enthusiasm. All the team votes against each idea and the team with maximum vote from jury and other teams win.

Date: Saturday, August 22nd-23rd

Participation Fee: Rs. 200 Per Team (Max 4, Min 3 members)
Prize Money: Rs. 1500


An overnight Hackathon program is imminently suggested to engage a coding environment amongst students. It shall project the initiative to shape a community of coders as they compute through the night, the primary objective not being to compete in a themed setting but to rather approach a much greater goal – to bringing about a culture of driven enthusiasm, team work and learning.

1900 HRS, Saturday, September 2 - 0800 HRS, Sunday, September 3

Participation Fee: Rs 200 Per Team (Upto 3 members per team)
Prize: Sponsored Goodies Worth Rs. 2000


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