January 10th to 16th, 2018

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) is an annual program dedicated to give an introduction of computer science to school and college students. With events like the Hour of Code, Hackathons, debates etc., this is going to be a week to look forward to.


The catalog of events being organized

Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. The chapter will be organizing several Hour of Codes on different topics. The students will take part in hour long tutorials which are going to be a perfect combination of fun and learning.

Dates: January 10th-16th
Participation: Individual
Participation Fee: Free
Prize Money: N/A

Shaurya Jain – 8290733529
Anmol - 9557122807

Technical Debate

The two sides debate on some of the most trending and controversial technical topics of the century.

  1. Participants are either for or against a topic.
  2. Usual rules of debating are applicable like cross questioning etc.
  3. Marks will be given based on speaking skills, statement of facts, validity of facts.

Dates: January 10th-11th
Participation: Individual
Participation Fee: Rs.50 per person
Prize money: Up to Rs.1000

Sarvagya – 9167476694
Anmol - 9557122807


ACM MUJ brings to you the biggest technical event of the year, a 30-hour Hackathon organized by .tech, one of the world’s largest domain name registering company. The participation is open for everyone, from technical wizards to amateur coders.


  1. The Hackathon would be hosted on GeeksforGeeks
  2. As it is a night event, it is mandatory for the participants to stay on the venue overnight
  3. Final submissions will be taken in the form of Git-hub Repository link
  4. There is going to be a workshop on Github for those who don’t know how to use it.

Dates: January 13th-14th
Participation: Team of 4 members
Participation Fee: Rs.200 per team
Prize money: Up to Rs.5000

Anmol – 9557122807
Chinmay - 8698124884

Mystery Rooms

Each team is locked in a room, after which they have at most 45 minutes to find and solve clues related to programming within that room to find the key that will lead them out of the room. The team that comes out of the room in the least time wins. The clues will have a technical twist.

Dates: January 12th-13th
Participation: Team of 4-5 members
Participation Fee: Rs.150 per team
Prize money: Up to Rs.1500

Algo Wars

An event which disregards all knowledge of programming language and focuses on the logical aspect of Computer Science. The given problems need to be solved by forming algorithms with no need of writing actual code or following any syntax. Only prerequisite is good critical thinking ability. Judgement will be based on space and time complexity of the algorithm.

Dates: January 15th
Participation: Individual/Team of 2
Participation Fee: Rs.100 per team
Prize money: Up to Rs.1500

Vishvesh – 8447466025
Anmol – 9557122807


GeeksforGeeks, one of the biggest portal for geeks in India, bring to you a coding event for anyone who can code their thoughts. This event will test the analytical thinking and the coding skills of the participants. The event will have 3 stages of 2 hours each.

Dates: January 12th
Participation: Team of up to 3 members
Participation Fee: Rs.50 per member of team
Prize money: Up to Rs.1500 with goodies from GeeksforGeeks

Arnab – 8826856456
Anmol - 9557122807

Hunt the Code

Hunt the code is an offline programming event, which tests your logical, mathematical and basic programming skills. Given the input and output of a program, you must figure out what the program does.

The event will be of 2 rounds:
1. .exe files will be given on which participants would have to give inputs to get certain outputs to determine what does the program performs.
2. Papers will be circulated on which a series of inputs/outputs will be given, and participants would have to figure out what function is applied to the inputs.

Date: January 10th
Participation: Individual/Team of 2
Participation fee: Rs.100 per team
Prize money: Up to Rs.1000

Asirvad – 7014385509
Anmol – 9557122807

Write the Night - LITMUS Story Writing Competition

In collaboration with LITMUS, the ACM student chapter plans something intriguing and exciting for all the creative enthusiasts to a platform of storytelling and adventuring.

The storytelling event would be an overnight marathon of creativity and innovative writing with a duration of 12 hrs. The event would proceed in the following manner:
- The first paragraph for the story shall be given to the participants.
- The first team member will have to begin writing keeping in mind the first paragraph.
- After an hour, the team members shall be switched, and a second person shall have to come and continue writing the story.
- A buffer time of 5 minutes shall be given to the upcoming participants to read the given matter.
- No team member shall be allowed to repeat unless all the team members have written at least once.

Date: January 13th-14th
Participation: Team of 2-4
Participation fee: Rs.50 per participant.
Prize money: Up to Rs.2000

Mahainn – 7505992320
Vaishnavee – 9044383153
Vaishnavi - 8764025974


Creative Writing workshop by Litmus

- 5:30-7:30
- ‎Room No 307
- ‎11th January 2018

How to meet people and influence them

- 5:30-8:30
- ‎Room No 307
- ‎12th January 2018

Version Control Workshop

- 5:30-8:30
- ‎Room No 307
- ‎15th January 2018



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