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Elicit Unveiling

At the unique intersection of innovation and creativity, students were given the chance to explore the ever-expanding domain of cloud computing with Google Cloud Study Jams. The details regarding the event were revealed to the students on 19th August 2019 at the Elicit 3.0 Unveiling by Tushar Sadana and Aashis Kumar.


Similar to a marathon, codeathon is an event where participants code to solve real-life problems in a well-defined time limit. Though the introduction seems easy, the event was quite challenging yet exciting. The event was held on 20th September'19 by MUJ ACM SCHAP. It saw massive participation from students of all years eager to showcase, introspect, and learn about their coding skills

Coding Ninja Workshop

In the workshop taken by Mr. Arpan Garg, from Coding Ninjas, which saw a participation of 235 students on 24th August'19, the students were presented with an opportunity to find out where they stand in this ever so competitive world of Tech.

ACM Summit

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. The ACM Chapters Technology Solution Contest and Chapters Summit 2019, saw innovative ideas, curious individuals and the spirit of working towards the advancement of computing as a science and profession.

Muj Hacks 3.0

Bringing out the innovator in the participants with a night full of opportunities to build the best prototype possible, Hacks 3.0 was the biggest hackathon arranged in MUJ by our Student Chapter on the 20th & 21st September'19 as a part of ELICIT 3.0. A total of 86 teams had registered and the event had 350+ participants.A special thank you to our judges Sushmitha Krishna Kumar and Mickey Haldia.

ACM talks

A golden opportunity for all tech-enthusiasts in the university, ACM Talks was organized by MUJ ACM SCHAP to bring diverse perspectives from the domain of computing and technology to the students for their information. The Sharda Pai Auditorium was abuzz with excitement on 22nd September 2019 as the speakers, Mr. Shashank Tilak,Mr. Edvin Varghese, Ms. Sushmitha K,Mr. Mickey Haldia, Mr. Fanish Chaturvedi and Mr. Rajshekhar Bhatt, all of them experts in their fields, took to the stage to deliver engaging and informative talks.

ESP talk

One of the most awaited ELICIT talk event finally took place on 20th September'19. The Eminent Speaker Program Talk was held in the Sharda Pai Auditorium of Manipal University Jaipur. The Talk was featured about "Social Computing with Machine Learning and Social Media" and was held by the famous speaker Mr. P. Kumaraguru. He's currently the Associate Professor in IIIT Delhi and the Founding Head of Cybersecurity Education and Research Centre (CERC).


In our attempt to provide all students with great exposure and hands on training, MUJ ACM SCHAP organised Major League Hacking- Local Hack Day on 12th October 2019. A very knowledgeable 12 hour event was conducted by Major League Hacking organisation based in USA, which consisted of 5 workshops. Various intriguing topics were covered during the whole event including AWS, IBM mainframe, Hacking with Alexa, Algorithms and Python for AI.

15 Minutes

MUJ ACM S-CHAP organised 15 Minutes, an interactive session that introduced the students to multiple fields and domains of technology in a quick yet thorough manner, on the 25th August'19.The event was attended by over 120+ students.

RedBull Basement University

The event held in collaboration with MUJ ACM S-CHAP, kicked off at Manipal University Jaipur with an interactive session with Dilnawaz Khan and Paresh Gupta as the guest speakers, on 10th September'19 in the Sharda Pai Auditorium, 5pm onwards.

Treasure Hunt

MUJ ACM S-CHAP organized an MCU based Treasure Hunt on 6th and 7th August as a part of Road to Elicit, our Techno-Cultural Fest. A contingent of more than 530 participants running all around the campus to solve the quirkiest of the MCU related puzzles, were more than enough to show the zeal & enthusiasm of the crowd towards winning the bragging rights of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mystery Rooms

“The best secrets are the most twisted”. 23rd August marked the beginning of the much-awaited event MYSTERY ROOMS as a part of #RoadtoElicit, organised by MUJ ACM SCHAP. The three-day event witnessed a massive turnout of 170 students of all years and turned out to be a great success.

Elicit Futsal

Futsal which is a part of #RoadtoElicit marked its beginning on the 23rd August'19 with players wearing jerseys of Real Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus and other noticeable clubs and dribbling and flicking the colourful balls with full exuberance. There were 72 participants in the event.


On 18th September, a workshop on Cryptocurrency and Block chain, organised by MUJ ACM Student Chapter, was presented by Mr. Vikas Singh CEO and founder from BLOQUE Labs. It started off with an introduction to Cryptocurrency and then Block chain. The workshop had 85 eager students in the room.

Code Relay

MUJ ACM S-CHAP arranged the event of Code Relay as a part of the Road to Elicit. Usually, we complete each other's sentences, but here the contestants required to have the chemistry good enough to complete the codes that their partner started. We witnessed this mind-blowing event on 11th September 19, with the participation of nearly 120 students striving to win this relay of codes!

Elicit Carnival

Giving meaning to the cultural part of the techno-cultural fest, Elicit witnessed the participation of more than 500 students on the three days of the carnival from 17th-19th September. Various events were organised to keep the atmosphere lively and cheerful.


An event where the computer skills of the participants were put to test by recreating a CPU and their inner auctioneer was awakened.The participating teams were divided into two. While one managed the auction front the other assembled the open parts of the CPU. This event was conducted on 22nd September.

Python Hands on Workshop

In the spirit of learning and enhancing the student’s skills MUJ ACM SCHAP organised a Hands on Workshop in Python. An event where the students learned about Big Data, Data Analysis and Core programming in Python from none other than Mr. Gagan Dubey. This was organised on 21st September,2019.

Reverse Coding

On 22nd September’19, Elicit 3.0 organised “Reverse Coding”, an event with a very new and unique concept. In this event, participants with the output in their hands have to write the correct code for it, in any programming language of their choice. The event lasted for 3 hours with every participant doing rigorous coding and creating input from output.

Drone Race

“Drones. Racing. Adrenaline". These three words define this exhilarating event by AIRUN held under the ELICIT. The event was in collaboration with Wings Club of MUJ The participants had their adrenaline kicked in to maneuver the provided drones through different obstacles to reach the ultimate finish line!

War of Words

Debating is done by many, mastered by few. This was proven on 21st of September when MUJ’s debating society, LITMUS, in collaboration with our chapter conducted its first major event, War of Words. 12 teams debated on the topic of whether data privacy should be a human right.

Write The Night

21st September witnessed one of the most awaited events of ELICIT’3.0, ‘Write the Night’, organised by MUJ ACM SCHAP and Litmus, in which the students had to show their creativity and put their writing skills to test. Each team consisted of 2 to 4 members who were given prompts for their stories. The teams then discussed the general plot and construction of their respective stories for fifteen minutes and one of the members started with the story, for a time limit of 45 minutes. The event foresaw 100+ participants.

Gamer’s Asylum

The event was an instant buzz among the young gamers of MUJ. There were over 70 participants and as many witnesses for the three games namely- Fifa19, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Siege and CSGO.

Student Mentorship Program

The Student Mentorship program is a regular weekly mentoring to the members of the chapter in different domains of computing including programming languages like C, JAVA,Python and domains including Internet of Things(IoT), Machine Learning, Flutter Development, Linux Systems Administration and more. We have more than 450+ students currently enrolled and around 350+ active students.

Expert Talk on Blockchain

o help the students be at par with today’s fast paced world, the MUJ ACM SCHAP arranged an expert talk on the topic “Understanding the Bitcoin and Block chain”, with esteemed speaker Dr. Emmanuel S. Pilli Professor MNIT on February 1, 2019

Ethical Hacking Workshop by CyberOps Infosec

Organised in a collaborative effort by ACM and the EC Council, the Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Workshop was a stunning success.Palash Verma, an Information Security Analyst, took the highly informative session. Beginning with the basics of data storage and its vulnerabilities, he went on to highlight the importance and relevance of information security in the domain of computer science.

Hour of Code on Angular

A global movement in 180+ countries, started by reached Manipal University Jaipur on 11th January 2019 with a bang, and with “Angular” in mind. The talk started with an introduction to Web Development with all the basics of the same being lighted in the room.

MUJ Hacks 2.0

Hackathons are a fantastic way for computer programmers, graphic designers and interface designers to collaborate and come up with unique solutions for real world problems. In recognition for the need of such innovations, MUJ ACM Student Chapter organised the second edition of MUJ Hacks on the 13th of January 2019.

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